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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Design Ideas


It can be pretty hard to predict future trends when it comes to interior design. We know that it can get pretty costly remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, but we have some solutions that may help cut down on costs. At Marett Carpet One Floor & Home, we’ve got the design experts to help you redesign or update your kitchen or bathroom. We’ve collected some trends that we have noticed will stick around for quite a while, so you’ll feel comfortable keeping up with the trends.


Kitchen Cabinets


Cabinets don’t have to be just one simple color. Two-tone cabinetry is hot this year, and we foresee it sticking around for a while. It adds depth as well as a focal point in your space. You can achieve this look by having the top cabinets one color and the bottom another, or you can have one color but in different shades. Gray is still a popular color, so mix it with navy or white to make it really pop.



Glass front cabinets are still a hot trend. It makes your space feel more airy and open. You can even decorate with your favorite dishware.



The cabinet industry noticed more and more homeowners wanted easier access to their cookware. Cabinet storage is not just doors and drawers anymore, homeowners are investing in custom storage options with deeper drawers. It makes storing large cookware much easier, and helps you stay more organized.


Elements Cabinetry Hardware


A way homeowners like to personalize their cabinets is with hardware such as pulls and knobs. The basic function of pulls and knobs are to make it easy to open a cabinet door. They are also a stylish way to personalize your cabinet doors. Choose a simple knob that gets the job done, or go with a more unique looking pull to make your cabinets stand out. We are proud to carry Elements Cabinetry Hardware in our showroom, so you can truly create cabinets custom to your home all  the way down to the hardware.


Types of Countertops


In addition to cabinetry, countertops are part of your kitchen or bathroom blueprint. Quartz countertops are still a popular option for most homeowners. It’s a non-porous surface that is less prone to chips and cracks, and you don’t have to seal it. Quartz slabs each have their own unique and different pattern, and comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from. Although it is a pricey investment it’s long-lasting and worth it.



Wood or butcher-block countertops are a trend that has stuck from last year. It is a favorite for cooks and is a great sustainable option.



Seamless sinks are sticking around as well, giving your kitchen or bathroom a minimalistic look. The sink is part of the countertop itself and is made of the same material. They are super easy to clean and prevent buildup of mold or mildew. It also adds a modern look to your space.



To learn more about out kitchen cabinet and countetops trends, contact Marett Carpet One Floor & Home in Volant, PA & Jackson, OH, to talk to our interior design experts.  

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