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Carpet Store in Pennsylvania and Ohio

The lure of a comfortable carpet is hard to resist, and with new carpeting products now appearing regularly, it’s easy to find the perfect match for your home or place of business. Indeed, there are now carpet options to fulfill every necessary flooring function. At Marett Carpet One Floor & Home of Volant, Pennsylvania, and North Jackson, Ohio, we’re proud to be the region’s destination for all types of carpeting needs, serving the communities of greater New Wilmington, Springfield Falls, and Lawrence County, PA.


Our current carpeting inventory spans many of your favorite carpet brands, including smart and stunning lines by Tigressá, LEES, and Innovia. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest flooring trends and helping you pick out the perfect option for your space. If you’re considering a new carpeting installation, here are some things to help you narrow down your choices.



What are the Different Types of Carpeting?

Your carpet’s pile, or fibers, by and large determine how your rug will feel, appear, and function. Made from either natural or synthetic fibers, carpet pile is available in a wide variety of materials, including natural wool and synthetics such as olefin, polyester, and nylon. Any of these fibers can be woven into various carpet types, such as level loop, frieze, patterned, textured, and plush.



Carpet Fiber Types

Nylon carpeting is woven from very, very soft, synthetic fibers that are extremely sturdy and stain-resistant. Nylon fibers are coated with a clear, protective layer that makes for amazing durability that’s designed for a long, busy lifespan.


Polyester carpeting is a more affordable alternative to pricier nylon. Polyester pile feels a lot like nylon and has a very soft texture. Polyester carpeting has traditionally been less durable than nylon, but recent manufacturing improvements are changing this for the better.


Triexta carpeting is made for extreme environments. Woven from short, synthetic pile, triexta achieves its high-function from its rough texture and subtle patterns, which successfully disguise dust, debris, and footprints. Triexta is a favorite for commercial settings.


Olefin/polypropylene carpeting is made to emulate luxury. Velvety soft with intricate patterns, this supple synthetic pile fares best in formal, quieter spaces that aren’t subject to heavy foot traffic.


Wool carpeting is woven from naturally-sustained fibers that are crafted from sheep fleece. Soft, renewable, and naturally resistant to mold and mildew, wool pile is perfected by Mother Nature for a long, colorful life.



Where Can Carpeting Be Installed?

While we don’t advise installing carpeting in your kitchen or bath, there are certainly hundreds of options for the rest of your interior spaces. Depending on your space, needs, activity levels and if your family has a rambunctious pet, look for features like moisture-resistance, stain-resistance, or heavy density for hallways, family rooms, kid's rooms, and other hectic areas. Plush carpeting, on the other hand, can be an inviting addition to a formal living room, or in a master bedroom suite.



Tips to Prevent Carpet Fading

A certain level of fading is often inevitable: your carpet will naturally shift shades over time, especially if it’s in an area that receives a lot of natural light. The good news is that there are certain things that you can do to minimize this occurrence. Keep your blinds closed by day, and open them at dusk. You can also purchase window treatments made specifically to block ultraviolet lights. Your carpet retailer can provide you with a fluorocarbon protector to further assist this purpose: keep in mind these need to be reapplied from time to time. Set area rugs farther from windows to keep their colors vibrant.


As a general rule of thumb, one should make it a habit to react immediately when something happens that could fade your carpet. If you spill something, blot it up with a paper towel, then rinse stain with cool water. You should also be cleaning your carpet regularly, and also use a professional carpet cleaner on occasion.



Our Carpet Selection

Your one-stop carpeting shop, Marett Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be part of the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative. We offer up amazing purchasing power, value, and knowledge and can help you navigate towards the smartest carpeting solutions. To learn more about our carpet products and services, please call us today at (866) 707 – 5443 or stop by and see us soon at 374 Potter Run Road in Volant, PA. You can also start browsing through our carpet collections online now! We look forward to serving you.




Learn More About Carpet

Carpet Maintenance

Caring for your carpet is easier than you think. We recommend having a professional carpet cleaner clean your floors once a year. Follow the link below to learn about cleaning tips to use in the meantime.