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Carpet Brands

Carpet Brands 

At Marett Carpet One Floor & Home, we’re the region’s first and last stop for all of your commercial and residential carpeting needs. Our seasoned team of onsite experts can help you find the perfect products to suit your space, lifestyle, and budget, while staying faithful to your style vision. Here, you’ll encounter all of the most beloved carpet brands, as well as many Carpet One Floor & Home exclusive carpet brands that can’t be found at your local chain store. Among the brands we carry are Tigressa, Innovia, and LEES.  Stop in and check out our carpeting displays today: you won’t be disappointed. 


Visit any of our two store locations in Volant, PA and Jackson, OH. We are proud to provide carpet to the areas of Lawrence County, PA and Mahoning County, OH.





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Innovia Xtreme Clean is the one you can count on when faced with life’s daily obstacles. Its precision protection safeguards against all types of stains: wine, pet accident, even food spills. Thanks to its innovative stain-repellent fibers, Innovia Xtreme Clean makes clean-ups a breeze and odors nonexistent. 




Relax it's LEES

One of the world’s toughest carpets, LEES calls on science and style to offer its signature construction, presenting beautiful and enduring options for all types of interior settings. Its formidable fibers boast FOUR times the protection of traditional stain-proof carpets. LEES is even backed up by a 25-year No Exclusions stain warranty, eliminating any lingering worry. 



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Stronger and softer than other leading carpet brands, Tigressa’s luxurious nylon fibers are made to comfort and protect. Tigressa can hold its own against all sorts of everyday assaults: fading, stains, and matting.  With its amazing colors and inviting textures, Tigressa will make you feel like the king or queen of your personal jungle. 




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